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ClassicDAO is here to build a financial system by the people, for the people. Join us in democratizing finance once and for all.


$CLD Staking Launch

In August of 2022, ClassicDAO underwent a very small sale of CLD tokens to early contributors, before launching the first dual staking mechanism on ETC for holders. This sale allowed us to continue development of the project for over a year with no additional funding.

Protocol Announcement

In September of 2022, the WinslowDAO protocol, previously known as the HarmoniaDAO protocol was announced and outlined for its development for the ClassicDAO team.

V1 Draft of the WinslowDAO Protocol

The SoteriaSC team, which is the development firm tasked to the creation of the WinslowDAO protocol, released the first fully completed draft of the protocol in march 2023, which will later be deployed as ClassicDAO on Ethereum Classic.

Closing of $CLD staking

In the best interests of voters, proposers and participators of the DAO, we closed the $CLD staking mechanism so that the monetary policy of the $CLD token can completly controled by the DAO.

ClassicDAO launched!

After over a years work, we have deployed the WinslowDAO protocol as ClassicDAO in the first quarter of 2024. This marked an important milestone not only for Ethereum Classic due to its innovative solutions, but for the whole blockchain and Decentralized Finance world.

Meet The Team!

Nicholas | Head of Marketing (Lead)

Responsible for all things marketing and product awareness. Expert on word of mouth concept spreading!

Telegram @NorthStar025

Anthony | Head of Human Ressources (Co-Lead)

Responsible for the organisation of the timeline and regulation compliance

Telegram @anthonyguiseppe

SoteriaSC | Development Team

Responsible for the development and creation of the Winslow DAO protocol and deployment for ClassicDAO, along with many other technical responsibilities.

Discord SoteriaSC

Darius | Head of Development

Responsible for the organisation of the development team and the direction of DAO development.

Email Darius@SoteriaSC.tech

Telegram @DariusCEO

Diego | Assistant Head Developer

Co-creator of the upcoming Winslow DAO protocol to be used for ClassicDAO. Assistant all things development.

Telegram @jiegodose

Kosmito | FrontEnd Developer

From kanzen Developer Groups, a Full FrontEnd Developer using Bootstrap for the base.

Telegram @KosmitoX